A project is an extension of the client

Your wishes and ideas therefore form the basis of our working method.

How does a project at Marfred Moes work?

Phase 1: inventory
First of all, we will talk to you to identify your wishes and ideas. Only with your input will we achieve the best result. To get an idea of the space, we make a collage of the desired style (s).

Phase 2: materials
With the collage as a starting point, Marfred sets off to sample the materials. Think of the floor, the kitchen worktop and / or the upholstery.

Phase 3: design
Would you like to take a look at your future home or business space? With a 2D or 3D design we give an idea of the end result. The intended costs are specified in a quotation.

Phase 4: start project
Has the quotation been approved? Then we can start the project. The space is accurately measured and the project is prepared in our workshop. Our professionals then supervise the project from start to finish.

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